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Château des Charmes Equuleus


St. David's Bench, Niagara Region

Cellar Door Price $50.00

Cabernet Sauvignon 50.0%
Merlot 25.0%
Cabernet Franc 25.0%
Alcohol 14.0%
PH 3.63
Acidity Tartaric 5.2
Residual Sugar (G/L) 3.1
Full Cases (of 12) Produced 1010

Growing Conditions

Smithville clay loam, small pocket of Haldimand clay loam. Have a signature earthy, “masculine” flavour profile Wines grown on the Paul Bosc Estate Vineyard.

The vineyard block where Equuleus is grown is very special. The vines were planted in 1984 and surround the stables. Two sides of the block are bounded by a stand of trees which act as a wind block which helps drive up the temperatures a few degrees as compared to the rest of the vineyard. This combined with careful yield management results in fully mature grapes at harvest. An added bonus is the extra compost available from the stalls which is routinely spread amongst only these vines.


Aged for one year in French Tronçais and Allier oak barrels.


To be considered an“Equuleus year” each of the three grape varieties must have achieved at least 23.5º Brix at harvest. 2012 is considered one of Niagara’s greatest vintages and our Equuleus is a testament to that belief.


The wine is rich and complex with flavours of cassis and dark chocolate.

Food Pairing

This wine is luscious and full-bodied. Prime rib roast, Yorkshire pudding and root vegetables immediately comes to mind but I’ve been known to enjoy Equuleus with just about anything… roasted rack of lamb, BBQ steak, double cut veal chop, etc.