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Viña Los Vascos Le Dix de Los Vascos

Le Dix de Los Vascos


Cabernet Sauvignon 85.0%
Carménère 10.0%
Syrah 5.0%
Serving Temperature 16.0
Full Cases (of 12) Produced 12000

Growing Conditions

Several frosts occurred during the spring. Although they did not involve extremely low temperatures, they did have a long duration, which resulted in a lower number of clusters per plant. The resulting lower yield – a characteristic well sought after in the case of premium wines– led to increased concentration of aromas and flavors. The summer was hot, with an average daytime high of 35.6ºC in January and February. Conversely, summer nights were cold, with an average low of 4.9ºC. This daytime/nighttime temperature differential proved very beneficial, because it allowed grapes to ripen to perfection.


Raspberry and ripe cherry-scented nose with hints of saffron, paprika, nutmeg, black pepper, chocolate, and tobacco.


A broad-shouldered wine of gorgeous personality, large volume, and elegant and balanced tannin.


Deep ruby red color.